Dinosaurs Unearthed

Marvel at the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit

St. Louis, MO.

Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibition Arrives Nov. 7, Bringing With It Rare, Feathered Fossils and More Than 20 Life-Sized Dinosaurs Depicted in a Realistic Habitat“.

Walking into Dinosaurs Unearthed is like stepping back in time,” said Brad Nuccio, Senior Vice President of the Science Center. “The impressive, life-like replicas of the dinosaurs in their environment paired with the most current scientific theories and information make it an incredible entertainment and educational experience.”

The exhibition highlights the latest theories in paleontology. Though dinosaurs are usually portrayed with scaled, reptile-like skin, most scientists now accept the theory that many were covered with feathers. Dinosaurs Unearthed explores this theory and presents some of the first life-sized models of feathered dinosaurs ever created. Each model has been hand-carved, with thousands of down-like feathers also placed by hand.

Visitors can also take control of several animatronic dinosaurs such as a baby Stegosaurus, Baryonyx, Parasaurolophus and an Allosaurus. Featuring new technology using electronics instead of hydraulics, these models demonstrate some of the most life-like motions possible with animatronics.“We know how intrigued our visitors of all ages are with dinosaurs,” said Nuccio. “This exhibition has the sense of mystery and excitement that always surrounds dinosaurs, grounded in the latest science, which makes it completely new and unique.”

Not only are dinosaurs taking over the Science Center’s EXPLORADOME, but passers-by will also be greeted by a 57-foot long Apatosaurus on the front lawn of the museum, providing a preview of the amazing discoveries inside. Half-price tickets for Science Center Members are $6.25 for adults and $5.25 for children. Tickets for Non-Members are $12.50 for adults and $10.50 for children. Call 314.286.4634 or email  for information on discounts for groups of 10 or more. Tickets and more information at 

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